ELECTROFOK – Fiber Cable Blowing Machine with Electric

ELECTROFOK is designed and produced by KOSMAK MACHINE with feedbacks from users who has specialty on cable blowing technologies. Electrofok is using to blow cables from 1mm to 3 mm. You need to give us duct diameters in your project before ordering machine.

Machine consists on four parts as you can see in figure 1.

  • Cable blowing group is blowing cable and air in duct with controlling by electric panel.
  • You can control cable blowing speed and direction .
  • You can see the distance of cable you blown from electric panel .
  • The most important thing of machine is sensor design which prevents from breaking of cable blowing machine.
  • Machine stops before breaking of cable.
  • Air regulator system is regulating air pressure in duct also you can open and close air.
  • You can put machine on desired place and height with tripod table.


fiber cable blowing machine electric
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